"LIVE BEETS Vol. One" By Canned Beets (Album Review)

Canned Beets'  trio sound is  BIG, infectious, super-groovy and mood-enhancing in unexpected ways that only pure music can truly accomplish.


"NEW BIRTH" by The Funky Knuckles (Album Review)

"New Birth" is a pervasive, cinematic experience of Jazz-Fusion-Funk soundscapes and syncopations that transcend the expectations of even the most die-hard Jazz/Fusion/Funk fanatic.


PANARICAN by Glenn Rexach Group - making new music, breaking new ground

GRG's latest album PANARICAN represents so much of what’s so great in the Jazz-Funk-Fusion world: a musical tapestry that seamlessly transposes technical virtuosity with the lyrical sweetness of blues-and-soul underpinnings that makes this 9-track outpouring by the Glenn Rexach Group trio a likely perennial in one’s digital playlist and CD tray.


Honey Made at ABGB

Event Date & Time: 

Sat May 12, 2018

Eric McFadden + Abstrack at Sahara Lounge

Event Date & Time: 

Wed Apr 18, 2018

Two excellent California artists gave Austin shores - guitarist Eric McFadden (from San Francisco) and Abstrack (from San Diego). ...more


ATASH & Flying Balalika Brothers@Sahara Lounge

Event Date & Time: 

Fri Apr 27, 2018

Join us at the wonderful Sahara Lounge on 4/27. Atash and the Flying Balalika Brothers. It's going to be a...more


Africa/Brazil night at Sahara Lounge!

Event Date & Time: 

Sat Apr 28, 2018

Every Saturday its African Night @ the one and only Sahara Lounge! This week, join us for an evening of...more


Africa/Colombia Night at the Sahara Lounge!

Event Date & Time: 

Sat Apr 21, 2018

8 pm African Buffet Dinner w/ vegan options
8:30 pm Afro Jazz featuring Ibrahim Aminou on Kora


Daniel Carter & Andrew Barker, Jaime Ospina, Collin Shook

Event Date & Time: 

Thu Apr 19, 2018

For the second installment of Sonic Transmissions 2018, Thursday April 19, we're honored to present a showcase of modern composition,...more


Selena Tribute At Sahara Lounge with Son de Rey

Event Date & Time: 

Sat Apr 14, 2018

We are BIDI BIDI BACK with another Selena Tribute at Sahara Lounge on Saturday April 14! Austin Latin band Son...more